One of the best places in our institution that we can boast of is our Library. The College has Library spanning a total floor area of 365.41 sq mt. having the flavor of aesthetics with utility, the modern Library houses more than 5,000 books, total number of titles more than 2000  and subscriptions to 21 national and international journals. The Library also subscribes to more than 2000 E-Journals through the HELINET Consortium. The Library comes with provision for modern facilities including Library Automation with advanced computers and other peripherals. One word that would be used to describe our library is 'Unique'.

Different Sections of Library 

  • Book Acquisition Section.
  • Technical Processing Section.
  • Circulation Section and
  • Reference Section.

Library Services

In addition to all routine type of services the Library provide the following services.

  • Access to HELINET through Internet (Digital Library).
  • data base of books, journals and thesis.
  • Reference service.
  • Newspaper clipping service.
  • Question paper archives.
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